Helping Vulnerable Women and girls

Through our work in the community we (Code 3) noticed there were few holistic resources for women being caught up as victims in Sex Trafficking cases.  In law enforcement we were able to know all the cases and people, but we also understood that our work could only go so far.  We wanted to launch an initiative that could begin and continue the healing work with women in trouble. We met with Detectives and Supervisors in the DC police department who agreed to help. 

After discussions with community partners, we met Andrea Counts, a community organizer.  It didn’t take long to figure out we wanted her to lead this work. A native of DC who had been helping people heal from trauma and get connected to resources for years.  In November of 2020 we launched FAST – Fight Against Sex Trafficking and Domestic Violence.  FAST is part of the code 3 family and we are thrilled to be working to prevent other women from falling into this trap.  Learn more about her work here.