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Code3 National Park Trust Reptile

National Park Trust

National Park Trust brought out reptiles to show the children. They were able to touch most of them, including an ...
Youth Division Branch Ice Cream

Youth Division Delivers Ice Cream to Garfield Elementary

Code 3 and officers from the Youth Division branch of the Metropolitan Police Department delivered ice cream to 130 kids ...
Code3 JC Nalle Community School 2

JC Nalle Community School Bullying Instruction

Clinical Instruction on bullying and making good choices. The children enjoyed workshops and exercises during this event ...
Thanks For A Great Summer, Project Hope

Thanks For A Great Summer, Project Hope

As summer comes to a close, Code 3 is celebrating the expansion of our signature Project Hope program. This year, ...

Injured Officer Initiative

Supporting Police Injured in the Line of Duty

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Our work would not be possible without the generosity of our donors and continued support from our partners, local community leaders and concerned citizens who give to support our mission. Already, we are helping cultivate stronger relationships between cops and communities across the country, but we need your help to expand the impact of our efforts.

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