In a city that has been named one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the United States, police are extending their reach in the communities they serve. Police in Camden, New Jersey have been knocking on doors checking on the elderly as the snow has piled up recently, and they continue to help civilians shovel out their cars when they see the need. The effort is a part of “Operation Guarding” and police and local individuals both agree that it has been a beneficial, albeit surprising, change for the city. Police believe it is changing people in the communities that they love and serve, and the recipients of the kind acts believe it’s a refreshing role to see the police reach out in this way. One resident that talked to local news station WPVI-TV said, “It’s a change of pace, not just harass and arrest. They’re out here doing good things, putting faces to the names of the officers trying to serve and protect.” We strive to see more police departments have the same desire and determination to show their neighborhoods the measures they will take to uplift their communities.


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