In today’s world there seems to be a never-ending cycle of negative press towards police officers. News outlets and social media depict police officers as racist, power hungry men, who would sooner draw their firearms before engaging the situation in a peaceful manner. This portrayal of law enforcement has caused a backlash against police throughout the country, resulting in declining perception of local law enforcement. Despite the negative press these men and women continue to put their lives on the line every day to protect us.

      In a show of gratitude Code 3, a nonprofit organization and Righteous Church of God came together for a day to treat the Metropolitan police officers of Ward six to a luncheon. The luncheon was a success with 30-40 officers coming to eat. The officers were given a buffet style luncheon that was prepared by Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que. All you can eat ribs, brisket, catfish, corn bread, baked beans, coleslaw, and a wide variety of desserts. Many of the officers were pleased; one officer commented, “I came here expecting pizza, not a meal.”   

      While they were eating I had the opportunity to talk to the officers and hang out with them. I came to find that these people who are sworn to protect and serve the people are no different from you and I. For example, each officer has a nickname with a humorous story behind it. They would often make jokes about each other and playfully annoy each other while eating. Watching them make jokes of each other, it made me realize that they’re all family and only want the best for each other and our community. The officers showed their gratitude for being appreciated. One officer stated, “It’s nice to know you’re appreciated, sometimes it’s a thankless job so this is nice.” 

      After spending an eventful afternoon with the Metropolitan police officers, I think that the most important thing to take away is that these are people. These are people with families that they want to go home to every night. It is important to keep in mind that police make mistakes like everyone else and they shouldn’t be judged for the action of others. Police officers work very hard to ensure that the communities they protect are safe. So the next time you see a police officer, be sure to tell them thank you for their service – I promise it’ll go a long way.


Justus Hawkins

Reporter | Code 3 Association


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