150 backpacks for school were given out at The House DC.  Our children and adults enjoyed a day of sunshine that included all-you-can-eat ice cream.  Our local police set up tables, supplied coolers, and served ice cream donated by Code 3 with a smile.  It was great to see the police and members of the community eager to take a photo together.
Retired police officer Joe Abdalla, who is the Executive Director of Code 3 is pictured with members from the community.
The House DC’s President, La Wonda Bornstein, commented that, “Joe is truly an Ambassador for The House DC.  He is passionate about helping to make a difference and his love for Jesus shines through in his actions and conversations with staff of The House DC and the community.  Every visit to chat, plan for an upcoming event, or network is met with excitement and refreshment.  He has a heart for unity which makes him a perfect fit for The House and our community.”



National Park Trust

National Park Trust brought out reptiles to show the children. They were able to touch most of...