A Code 3 grant given to Camp4Jesus, an organization that plans events for families of lower incomes in the D.C. area, has allowed the opportunity for numerous events to positively impact this community. They have three main sites where they hold events – Edgewood Terrace, Kenilworth and the Harry Thomas Service Center. 

The main events the Camp4Jesus organization held at their Edgewood Terrace site were three athletic camps which are designed to prepare youth ages five and up for practicing for the playoff tournaments in the Fall. A portion of the funds the organization received from the grant helped provide the families with the financial assistance needed to pay the registration fee for their children participating in the program and playoffs, if selected. 

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Commander William Fitzgerald, of the Metropolitan Police Department, assigned Officer Watkins to work with the Camp4Jesus organization. Officer Watkins helped with the athletic camps by checking kids into the registration, providing them with their uniforms for the event and assisting with coaching. Watkins hopes in the future he can one day have time to give back by coaching at-risk youth.  The kids felt that is was a blessing having him at the event and in return it was special to Watkins having the chance to work with the them. 

In addition to the three-extended athletic camps, other programs afforded from the grant included The Teen Mom Program, Book Club/The Saturday Cutural Awareness Program which consists of field trips, parent workshops, prayer walks and church services held on site at Edgewood. 

Patrol Chief Lamar Green, of the Patrol Services North for the MPD, has also committed to partnering with the organization and continue working together to bridge they gap between the Police and the community.

Dr. J. Perkins of the World Missions For Christ Church & Extension Center Outreach gave special thanks to the MPD officers. “A special thanks and appreciation to Lt. Ralph Neal, from MPD, who shared the police prayer and words of comfort on behalf of the three police killed in the line of duty, allowing us all to honor the three slain police. And to have seen MPD officers engaging with families…was phenomenal. Thanks Chiefs Greene and Contee for your support.”

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