Code 3 Association granted the Alexandria Police Foundation (APF) funds for their Tuition Assistance Program for sworn officers in February 2017.  After receiving the funds, APF formed a committee of 3 board members to create a policy for the program.  The committee worked hard, and based the requirements similar to what the city requires for their tuition assistance for all city employees. 

The committee set a limit of $1,000 each for tuition assistance starting with the fall 2017 semester.  APF received 4 applications, and approved all four.  The payments to the applicants will be made at the end of the semester upon successful completion of their course with a grade of A or B.  Two of the recipients are working toward their Bachelor’s degrees, and two are working towards their Master’s degree.  Each officer attends prestigious area universities.

National Park Trust

National Park Trust brought out reptiles to show the children. They were able to touch most of...