In January, two state troopers helped to deliver a baby on Garden State Parkway in New Jersey.  

Around 4 a.m., an expecting couple was on their way to Valley Hospital in Ridgewood when they realized that they may not make it in time. They decided to pull over on the parkway and dial 911. 

Seven minutes later, two state troopers by the names of Alex Muro and Arnaldo Mateo arrived to find the woman in labor in the backseat of the car, and the baby’s head already crowning.  

When the troopers realized that no other medical assistance was present, they immediately put gloves on and began to assist in any way they knew how. The following video, captured on their dash cam, shows them shouting words of support, encouraging the mother to breathe and push.

By 4:26 a.m., Officer Mateo was cradling the newborn baby girl. Both troopers assisted in cutting the umbilical cord and wrapping the baby in a jacket before handing her over to her mom.

Once more assistance arrived, the family was taken to Valley Hospital and were reported to be “doing well” later that morning. 

Officer Muro and Officer Mateo, who are both fathers themselves, never thought they would be the ones to deliver a baby, let alone while on duty. Both of them are grateful to have been a part of the beautiful moment. 

Here is an interview with the officers, recalling the incident. 


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