Last week a storm brought record rainfall throughout the southeast of Louisiana. Many were evacuated from their homes and returned this week to find their belongings destroyed and their houses in need of major repair. Several organizations already have begun volunteer relief efforts, helping residents affected by the flooding to clear debris from their homes and make way for repairs. Amidst the crisis, several people have shown their appreciation for officers in the area, who have gone out of their way to ensure people’s safety. Here is a photo that was posted to Facebook by a resident of the area, commending the police for their tireless efforts in guiding traffic during the storm.

It is refreshing to see these dedicated officers recognized for their work. Here are some more photos of state police officers, firemen, as well as officers from the sheriff’s department, bravely stepping out to serve during the storm:


National Park Trust

National Park Trust brought out reptiles to show the children. They were able to touch most of...